Beautiful goldwork embroidery

Machine embroidery panel detail inspired by lichen

Textile greeting card using reverse applique techique

Machine contemporary quilt inspired by Ground Zero

Machine embroidery for Capability Brown exhibition

Winchester Embroiderers' Guild welcomes contemporary and traditional textile artists, embroiderers and craft enthusiasts

Winchester Branch of the Embroiderer's Guild has been running a Travelling Books project for several years now and many of our members have contributed. It is a 'round robin' with an A5 sketch book circulating around a small group (six or so) members. Each member of the group begins with their own sketch book, creating a page and a cover for the book. It is then passed on to the next person in the group until each member of the group has completed a page. When your travelling book has done the 'round' and returns home, you will have six pages by six different artists. Depending on interest the groups are then swapped around and your sketch book may then do another journey!